Jeffrey Sackett

Jeffrey Sackett is the author of five horror novels. In each novel, Mr. Sackett has re-worked a traditional horror theme, while mixing in large doses of historical fantasy.

3-MAR-2011: I heard from Mr. Sackett a couple of days ago. He has a website now and is selling signed copies of his horror novels, as well as some new projects! You can find them on Jeffrey Sackett's website!

I was so impressed with these novels that I interviewed Jeff for an issue of Lights Out!. Click here to read the Jeffrey Sackett interview.

18-MAR-1997: I spoke with Mr. Sackett today to find out what he's been up to. He's currently working on an historical novel. When it's ready for publication, I'll have the info here!

Here's what I wrote about two of the novels in the "Recommended Reading Lists" published in Lights Out!:

Mark of the Werewolf, by Jeffrey Sackett (Bantam, 1990). Another Wow! I've never cared much for werewolf novels, but in the past year or so I've read Robert R. McCammon's The Wolf's Hour, Al Sarrantonio's Moonbane, and Steve Vance's The Hyde Effect; now add Mark of the Werewolf to that list of incredible werewolf tales. This story is much more than just a horror tale; it is an intricately written historical fantasy novel too---which doesn't dilute the horror at all. Sackett fits his immortal werewolf into many historical events that couldn't have happened that way---but maybe they did! A ton of fun.

Stolen Souls, by Jeffrey Sackett (Bantam, 1987). Sackett's first novel is about an secret Egyptian cult's plan to resurrect the ancient mummies of seven priests of Anubis. Filled with rich Egyptian history, but not bogged down by it at all.

Here is another review of Blood of the Impaler.

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