Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter is the author of a ten suspense/thriller novels, usually centered around snipers and gunmen. Most notably, his Bob Lee Swagger ("Bob the Nailer") novels have gained immense critical acclaim, as have his recent novels featuring Bob's father, Earl Swagger.

Stephen Hunter is a film critic for The Washington Post. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

NEW!! If you've been here before, you know that I haven't been keeping this page updated. I recommend you check out Bob Beers's "Unofficial Stephen Hunter Website" for all the details I had planned to include here, but never made the time to do.

PALSE HORSE COMING!! Pale Horse Coming is Stephen Hunter's newest novel, just out in hardcover. This is one of his best! An amazing, un-put-downable novel that makes Earl Swagger every bit as awe-inspiring as his son Bob Lee is!

The Master Sniper
William Morrow and Company
The Second Saladin
William Morrow and Company
The Spanish Gambit
Recently reprinted as Tapestry of Spies
The Day Before Midnight
Point of Impact
Dirty White Boys
Black Light
Time to Hunt
Hot Springs
Pale Horse Coming
Simon & Schuster


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